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Celebrating Mexican Food

Wow. It's after the election and half of the USA is jubilant and the other half is incredibly despondent. My Facebook feeds are full of everyone's despair - how could we have elected a man who belittles women, wants to reverse Roe vs Wade, believes a woman should have his dinner ready for him when he gets home, who says that he can get any woman he wants and likes to just go up to them and grab them by the p***y. He mocks the handicapped, he wants to repeal the laws that have given equal freedom to gays in our country, he's a man who says he wants to turn muslims away from America, he threatens the countries that do not tow the line with war and he's a man who wants to build a wall between America and Mexico.

I have seen no posts of Trump supporters who say they love gays, muslims, mexicans and blacks and who respect women. I wish I had. I wish I could see these supporters denounce Trumps outrageous statements but tell us the reason that they voted is that they want change. That they're feeling the economy and life sucks. They are angry. They are full of hatred of Washington. But please lets not take it out on our fellow American.

We are a country built on the shoulders of immigrants. We come from everywhere else. Do not turn against your family. So in the spirit of embracing our different cultures, here's a first of HIGH FIVES to what makes up our amazing multi ethnic country: MEXICAN FOOD. Nachos, guacamole, salsa, 7 layer Mexican dip, cream cheese bean dip, Jalepeno bean dip, Tex Mex Nacho bake.... the list goes on. Check out recipes on our Pinterest page above. Mexican Dips.


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