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Victory or Doomsday Party

This year's 58th Presidential Election is upon us. However this election is like no other. A TV Reality star against the establishment. A misogynist against a woman. A country divided. The supporters on each side vehemently opposed to the other. Although one party's slogan is 'Make America Great Again', what's been heard is 'Make America Hate again'. Are we voting toward the Apocalypse, will it be the end of Democracy if Trump loses but fails to accept his loss, will the country descend into civil war if Hillary wins..? It sounds dramatic but this election campaign has been continuously controversial and hair raising. So we have a suggestion - go out and vote, and then kick back with an election cocktail and watch the nail biting conclusion which promises to be raunchier than a Game of Thrones power struggle... (almost).

Boozy Bomb Pop Drink

Prep time

10 mins

Total time

10 mins

Serves: 4-6 depending on glass size


1 cup sugar

1 cup water

2 ounces vodka

2 ounces freshly squeezed lime juice

4-6 cups ice

4 ounces blue raspberry vodka

3 ounces cherry vodka


  1. To make a simple syrup, combine sugar and water and heat in a small saucepan until sugar dissolves. Cool completely in refrigerator.

  2. In a blender add clear vodka, lime juice, 2 ounces simple syrup, and 1½ cups of ice; blend on high until it reaches a "slush like" consistency, adding more ice if necessary. Pour into a container and place in the freezer. Next, in the blender add blue raspberry vodka, 2 ounces simple syrup, and 1½ cups of ice; blend on high until desired consistency is reached, and pour into a container and place in freezer. Then, in the blender add cherry vodka, 2 ounces simple syrup, and 1½ cups of ice; blend until desired consistency is reached and place into a container and place in freezer.

  3. Let chill in freezer until ready to use.

  4. To "assemble" drink layers, spoon some of the blue in the bottom of a glass, then white, then red on top.


You may add less or more booze to taste, and add more ice to each layer if necessary. You can freeze this until it's ready to use, but the consistency will change a bit. To make a faster simple syrup: place sugar and water in a sealed container and shake well until sugar is dissolved.

Author: Rachael

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