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3 a.m. Kids. And Work. And hopefully sleep...

I love this picture. It's a stock photo picture. But I love it. It shows a perfect family. Cute happy kids and Mum and Dad look like they have it all under control. For me as I write this blog, it's the middle of the night and my 4 year old is wide awake. Firstly, Yes, why am I writing this blog and not cuddling up in bed getting my son back to sleep? And secondly... I don't know. I forgot secondly. It is the middle of the night remember.

The reason to Firstly is that I'm getting ready to launch my new business (this site you're in) so I'm working on my laptop. The room is dark, only the faint light coming off my small screen illuminates the room, while my son is falling back to sleep beside me. This is the time I can work. When kids are asleep (well, the other two), hubby is asleep and the house is quiet (apart from a dog farting - she's old). I wish I could look as content as the mom above. And have her perfect skin. And perfect white teeth...

Okay we all know that that picture above is a stock photo (I told you that) - but I reckon this mum above is just as exhausted as I am. She has her own things going on in her life that may have kept her up the night before, or the night after this image. Yet here, for a moment in time, she projects that 'perfect' image.

My life is pretty perfect I have to say. I have a family who I absolutely adore. I have three young kids, (a soon to be 10 year old...but hormonally more like a 15 year old, and twin 4 year olds - one, the one sleeping beside me, who has autism. It seems to be a common thread in kids with Autism that sleep just isn't what it is for others. He's very difficult to get to sleep, wakes at the slightest noise and as soon as he's up, he's awake - there's no being dozy. Aagh, the time! I should go to bed. I will only have about 4 hours sleep before the kids all awake and the school run begins. But that is why I don't look like the image above. I'm juggling motherhood and business. Two full time jobs. That is THE reason for launching this new business - WooHoo video greetings - because I am sure that there are other moms out there, like me, who have absolutely no time to rush out and buy their friends a birthday card not even a present. It doesn't mean they love them any less, it is just simple fact. There are not enough hours in the day to be able to afford the luxury to go out and do so. However, there might be a few moments in the day, where you can choose a funny video card online and select a gift that you can have instantly sent to your friend, without having to get in the car, fight the traffic and run to several stores at the mall. So here's to WooHoo! I hope it will now help me to never forget my friends birthdays with something a little more special than just a happy birthday comment on their Facebook timeline.

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