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Bring out your Christmas Jumpers/Sweaters!

So the Christmas Jumper/Sweater revolution is upon us again this year! Every Christmas, the time comes when one must don theirs. Somehow the ugly jumper that you embarrassedly received as a gift from your grandmother or Auntie Ethel in your youth, has now become the best thing since sliced bread - and a required part of Christmas. The shops are filled with them, and the more ridiculous they are, the better. Googly eyes, goofy reindeers, flashing snowmen eyes... so how did they suddenly become so popular? How did we suddenly make the fashion of Bing Crosby and Perry Como popular?

Ugly Christmas Sweater parties in America have been the rage for a while, where you'd invite your friends over and compete in who had the ugliest Christmas sweater. This started out by a bunch of Canadian students and the craze took over North America. Well somehow, over the years it's now become fashionable. And there's now no need to wear the horrendous jumper out there any more - top brands now produce some really stylish and fun sweaters. Just like turkey, Christmas pud and crackers, the Christmas jumper/sweater has now become part of tradition - so make sure you go out and buy your must have sweaters! here are some choices below...

Oh and this isn't just for Christmas. Hannukah Jumpers have a great selection too!

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