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Uh oh...Xmas Eve & Hannukah! Need last minute Gift ideas?

It's Christmas Eve & Hannukah! Both on the same day for 2016! You have your Christmas friends and your Hannukah friends to buy gifts for but you've been so crazily busy that you suddenly realized you've got a few friends that you've completely overlooked!!!

Do you RUSH out and struggle through the traffic to find that perfect gift (what is that?), ignore them (come on, where's that Christmas spirit or true spirit of Hannukah?) OR do you come up with some quick unique ideas? Here are 4 ideas...

1. CHRISTMAS & HANNUKAH PICTURES!!! Yes put your kids to work on Christmas Eve. Keeps them occupied, having fun, and look - you have something for Grandma or Auntie Beryl tomorrow! Make sure they sign it and there you go - PRICELESS.

2. DIY CHRISTMAS & HANNUKAH HOMEMADE GIFTS. There are some amazing ideas for some really useful Christmas/Hannukah presents. Just need to take a look here or head over to our Pinterest page and check out Christmas handmade decorations and Hannukah handmade decorations...(top right hand corner of this page)

3. CHRISTMAS AND HANNUKAH YUMMIES!!! How about doing some quick baking and Ta Da!!! Gifts for all your family and friends!!! Everyone loves delicious sweets!!! Here's a brief selection or once again head over to our Pinterest page and check out Christmas Food and Hannukah Food!

4. And lastly if you have a few pennies to spare, there is of course INSTANT ONLINE GIFTS. So yes, you're out of time to bake, craft, or color - here are some instant gift ideas that you buy online and have an email voucher sent directly to your lucky recipient. is for the UK, for the USA.

GOOD LUCK! And Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy Hannukah!!!

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