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Feeling the stress? Here's a cure...

Today is Bubble Bath Day. Yep, January 8th is Bubble Bath Day! Now that's a holiday that I can sink in to... ;-) The year has already started, the tree or menorah is gone, and the kids are back at school. Normality has begun again. We all had our resolutions. We've figured out what we're going to do this year, how we might better ourselves, what goals we didn't meet last year that we'll do this year, how much more we'll do for our kids this year, how we're going to make more money, go on more holidays, volunteer more, have more time, make more money.... and now I'm getting stressed out. It all starts to hit us. The post holiday honeymoon is over. The chocolates may be gone, the Baileys might be empty, the bank account empty...

As for me, life normalized very quickly. Kids started yelling at each other, yelling at the idea of going to school (the 10 year old) - then the 4 year old started yelling at the 10 year old telling her how much he loves school, my other 4 year old flooded the bathroom (about 10th time this month), pulled all the tiles off the bathroom wall (this is after having pulled apart the bathroom faucet and eating part of it last year and flushing the rest of the bits down the toilet)... and the year has begun. Where is my full bottle of Baileys and my lovely box of chocolates now? Aaaah. But it's BUBBLE BATH DAY! And what a perfect way to make all my worries disappear with a delicious bath. But guess what? My bubble bath has been poured down the drain by my son who has an obsession with opening bottles and draining all the liquid, but LUCKILY! For the holidays, I have locked away in the safe some lovely smellies (what we English call 'wonderful scented bubble bath ointments'). (Yes I have a safe for securing all my shampoo/conditioner/cleansing & conditioning lotions).

Mmmmm - the hot tub above would be perfect. But it's freezing and wet outside, and besides my hot tub is in my bathroom. I'd love to have the candles but if I do, my 4 year old will probably set the house on fire, so candle free tonight.

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