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Mother's Day Gifts

For all you Brits and Irish out there, are you ready to spoil your mum this Sunday? Spending some quality family time in person or on the telephone, and perhaps even surprising her with a gift. But here's the dilemma, what kind of gift to show her how special she is to you? A spa? A massage? A bunch of flowers? Chocolate? Brunch? Or how about high tea??? So many choices. Here are a bunch of WooHoo ideas to help you decide...

1. Flowers. Like this beautiful bouquet above. This little number is only £23 and the flowers are organic. Can be found with our affiliate Blossoming Blossum in our UK Gifts section.

2. Chocolates. A selection of her favorite chocolates, or personalized chocolate hamper like the one here for £20 from another one of our affiliates, Cadburys.

3. Brunch. Always a lovely one for mums. A glass of mimosa and their favorite breakfast.

4. High Tea. We are in England after all, so how about an afternoon High Tea to treat your mum like royalty.

5. Perfume. Mmmmm. All mums love some smellies and perfume is the ultimate smelly.

6. Handmade Gifts. Putting all your Mum's favorites in a jar, a hamper or a box...

7. A Massage. Ooooh. A back massage, a foot massage, how about cranial massage?

8. Manicure or Pedicure. Pedicures these days include a foot and leg massage so for about £20 you can find a really sweet deal that'll have your mum completely relaxed.

9. Cake. Bake your mum a cake. Nothing says it more than putting your blood, sweat and tears into making a homemade cake. Especially if it's delicious.

10. YOU. Wrapping a bow around you and surprising your mum with a visit! Nothing will make her happier, so if you can this Mothering Sunday, try and make a visit to see your mum!

Whichever gift you decide to spring on your mum, bought or handmade, have a wonderful Mother's Day this Sunday. And if you want some more ideas, please check out our gift section at

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