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Father's Day

Father’s Day can be summed up by one simple thing that happened to me the other day.

I was on a Skype call with a major client and we were deep into a conversation about solving some issues with a writing project I’m helping him fix. It’s early days in this relationship so I’m doing everything by the book. I’m even wearing pants.

But about halfway through the call, I realize that I haven’t looked at the time. It’s 3:30pm. There’s a key in the door. Shrieks! The kids are home from school.

Now normally this is a happy time as they tell me what they did that day in 15 seconds before they fire up their iPads or go off to do their homework. But this day I needed focus and clarity. Yeah. No so much.

First, my 10 year-old daughter screamed at me to set up a Google Plus account so she could talk to her Youtube friends in a Hangout. Apparently, there was a 15 year old Russian boy that she said she would meet there. Before I could even process that, my five year old son scolded me for not having five chocolate chip cookies at the ready for him as soon as he entered our abode. When I told him I was working and pointed to my client on the screen, he immediately asked how long I would be because besides the cookies, I had “forgotten” to let him use my computer to watch cat videos all day long. He’s either going to run a Fortune 500 company or end up in prison. As I send him away and turn back to my client, I see my camera window something moving behind me. Is that…?

I turn and my other 5 year old son (yes, twins) who is Autistic and doesn’t like wearing clothes has done a complete Full Monty behind me. It’s one of his better routines, actually. However, it ends with his final big move - taking a full stream piss on the dog. He couldn't be happier - the dog not so much - and he’s off!

I’m stunned. And yet, I shouldn’t be because this sums up most days in my household. What snaps me out of it comes from peals of laughter and I soon realize it’s coming from my client, who is practically crying. He can’t get a breath. I apologize and he tells me not to worry as it sums up most days in his household, too. He’s glad to be working with someone who gets it. Two dads bonding over the insanity of raising children and trying to put food on the table.

Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads out out there. I know you get it, too.

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